Node-RED Con 2021

About The Conference

The conference will be held this October as a free digital event experience. The aim is to boost the overall Node-RED based on interaction among Node-RED users, catching up technologies and cases in each field, and sharing the latest information from Global.

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Business Sessions
  • Technical Sessions
  • Networking
  • Location Broadcasting(Online)
  • Date & Time 23rd Oct. 2021 1pm - 6pm
  • Speakers 20+ Amazing Speakers
  • Seats unlimited

Why you attend Node-RED Con

If you are interested in Node-RED and are using it, please join us!
This is a conference with lots of information about Node-RED developers, user examples, development tips, and more.

Cool speakers

Members who are active at the forefront when it comes to work with Node-RED. The latest information, activities, and technical sessions are all available.


Good opportunity to communicate

A user community is like a place where users of the same service or product meet. This is your chance to join us.


Global event

This conference will be hosted by the Japanese community, but it will also be attended by speakers and audiences from overseas, which are unique to digital.


Great inspiration

Many experts from various fields will participate.
Why don't you get great inspiration? To get them will be beneficial for you and your work!



The connection between developers is important for open source development. Let's actively interact with other users and developers. You can meet great developers here.


Live in the moment

The attraction of the conference is meeting people with the same purpose. Keep in communicate with participants and organizers even after the event.









Amazing Speakers

Robin Ginn

OpenJS Foundation, home of Node-RED and part of the Linux Foundation

Nick O'Leary

FlowForge Inc.

Takahiro Nakahata

Smart Light

Wataru Yamazaki


Todd Sharp


Daisuke Ito

Hitachi, Ltd.

Marc Pous

Takao Aoki


Kota Torikai

Gunma University Hospital System Integration Center

Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux

Microsoft Research

Mitsuhiro Shoji


Jumpei Yamada

K.T. System

Ayachika Kitazaki

Nora Hack

Chua Wen Shyan

Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 @ Selangor Human Resource Development Centre

Kazuhito Yokoi

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hiroaki Hashimukai

MSTC Industrial Automation Forum

Graziano Ponzo


Keisuke Kajigaya

NEC Corporation

Koki Yasumoto

NEC Corporation

Heima Hayashida

Nara Prefectural Institute of Industrial Development

Shogo Otomo

Nihon University College of Art

Session Schedules (JST)

We have one Global track and two Local tracks.
Being digital, you can move between sessions at your convenience.
Session information will be added at any time.

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Recording video


They are behind the conference!

Atsushi Kojo

Chief Research Officer, Uhuru

Seigo Tanaka

CEO, 1ft Seabass

Kazuhito Yokoi

Software Engineer, Hitachi, Ltd.

Taiji Hagino

Lead Community Manager, OutSystems

Kazutoshi Uetsuhara

Chief Contents Engineer, Studio Bros

Ayachika Kitazaki

nora hacker / SRE, Softbank Corp.

Hirofumi Yamanaka


Daichi Kakimoto

IT Engineer

Tatsuya Kobayashi


Yasushi Osonoi

Cloud Engineer/ IBM

Kazuma Shirai

Technical Alliance Manager , PHONE APPLI

Mizuki Kisaichi

UX Designer

Yosuke Toyota

Maker / Visual Programming Community

Aska Hayakawa

Customer success, Product communication / coconala Inc.

Koji Funatsu

Marketing / Uhuru

Tetsuo Matsumoto

Application engineer

Contact us

For inquiries regarding this conference, please contact us here.

Code of Conduct

Event organizers strive to ensure that participants do not suffer human rights abuses or discrimination.
This event aims to share technical information and collaborate among engineers.
All participants, including speakers, viewers, sponsors and staff, must not be involved in harassment in any way.
If you have witnessed harassment or have concerns, please notify the event staff immediately.

This Code of Conduct is from Linux Foundation document.