Arranging Nodes

Since Node-RED 2.1

The editor provides a number of actions to help arrange nodes in the workspace. They can be used to align and distribute nodes.

They can all be reached under the Arrange menu.

Action Key shortcut
core:align-selection-to-grid none
core:align-selection-to-left Alt-a l
core:align-selection-to-right Alt-a r
core:align-selection-to-top Alt-a t
core:align-selection-to-bottom Alt-a b
core:align-selection-to-middle Alt-a m
core:align-selection-to-center Alt-a c
core:distribute-selection-horizontally Alt-a h
core:distribute-selection-vertically Alt-a v

The nodes can also be reordered in the workspace with the following actions:

Action Key shortcut
core:move-selection-forwards none
core:move-selection-backwards none
core:move-selection-to-front none
core:move-selection-to-back none