Since Node-RED 1.1.0

Nodes can be joined together to form a group. They can then be moved or copied as a single object within the editor.

Groups can be given a border and background colour, as well as an optional label.



Creating a group

To create a group, select the nodes and then select the ‘Groups -> Group selection’ option in the menu.

Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-Shift-g
Menu optionGroups -> Group selection

Editing group properties

A groups’s properties can be edited by double clicking on the group, or pressing Enter when the workspace has focus and the group is selected.

The edit dialog contains two tabs:

  • : Properties - the groups properties to edit.
  • : Environment Variables - properties that are exposed as environment variables within the group. Since Node-RED 2.1
  • : Description - per-node documentation formatted using Markdown. This is displayed in the Information sidebar when the group is selected.
Group edit dialog - properties Group edit dialog - description

Group edit dialog - properties and description tabs

The Group properties tab provides options to:

  • set the outline and fill colours of the group
  • select whether the name of the group should be shown as a label, and if so, what colour text to use and where the label should be placed.

Reusing a group’s style

Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-Shift-c
Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-Shift-v

To copy an existing group’s style (outline, fill, color and label position), select the group, then press Ctrl/⌘-Shift-c.

To apply that style to another group, select the group and press Ctrl/⌘-Shift-v.

Adding nodes to a group

Nodes can be added to an existing group by dragging them into the group. Before Node-RED 3.1, this could only be done one node at a time. Since Node-RED 3.1, a whole selection of nodes/groups can be dragged into a group in one go.

Removing from a group

To remove a node from a group, select the node then select the ‘Groups -> Remove from group’ option in the menu.

Since Node-RED 3.1 you can press and hold the Alt key when dragging a selection and it will be removed from the parent group.

Key shortcutnone
Menu optionGroups -> Remove from group

Merging nodes/groups

It is possible to merge the current selection to form a single group. Select all of the groups and nodes to merge into a single group. Then select the ‘Groups -> Merge selection’ option in the menu.

Key shortcutnone
Menu optionGroups -> Merge selection


To ungroup nodes, select the group and then select the ‘Groups -> Ungroup selection’ option in the menu.

Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-Shift-u
Menu optionGroups -> Ungroup selection